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1. Users can pay your service with fbcoin. For example, when you provide a service that is worth $100 for a user, the user can either choose to pay you with equvalant fbcoin which is 100fbcoin, or the user can also pay you in cash+fbcoin combo (eg: $80 cash + 20fbcoin) 



2. Business user cash out fbcoin at a fix rate:fbcoin1:AUD$1.02 


商家可以以1 f币:$1.02的比例向fbhome申请提现

3. fbcoin can only be cash out when its an intergral number (eg: 100fbcoin, 200fbcoin)


提现f币金额只可以是以100为单位的整数如100 f币,200f币

4. You can contact our customer service during working hour if you would like to cash our your fbcoin, your request will be processed within 1 business day. 



5. fbcoin cash out application instruction.



1) Email your fbID, business name and cash out amount to enquiries@fbhome.com.au


2) Send your fbID, business name and cash out amount to fbhome wechat customer service account: fbhome-service2 


3) SMS your fbID, business name and cash out amount to +61 402 610 653