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User Agreement



1.1 FBHOME provides the FBHOME household service platform only, allowing personal users and business users to publish service request and make offers on posted request. FBHOME is not in any employment relationship with all FBHOME business users (service provider), whether in law or in fact.


1.2 FBHOME accepts no liability for any aspect of the personal users and business users interaction, including but not limited to the description, performance or delivery of Services. 


1.3 FBHOME has no responsibility and makes no warranty as to the truth or accuracy of any aspect of any information provided by either personal users or business users; all third party service provider who registered as FBHOME business users take direct responsibility to their service quality, disputes, payment, delivery of service, insurance, or claims.



2.1 You will at all times:

      a. comply with this Agreement (including all Policies) and all applicable laws  and regulations;

      b. only post accurate and appropriate information on the FBHOME platform;

      c. acknowledge that FBHOME reserve the right to terminate your user account if any unlawful activities that will damage to FBHOME's benefit and it's user's benefit or to the public's benefit are found.


2.2 You agree that any content (whether provided by FBHOME, a personal user or business user) on the FBHOME platform may not be used on third party sites or for other business purposes without FBHOME's prior permission.  

2.3 If You are a business user, You must have the right to provide Services under a Task Contract and to work in Australia. You may need to obtain certain service license or certificate for certain services.


2.4 You must not, when supplying Services, charge a personal USER for any extra fees on top of the agreed quoted service fees.


2.5 FBHOME will keep your information safe at all time, and will not provide any USER information to unauthorized third party for any purposes; You must not give any personal information including such as password, to any other person.





3.1 FBHOME may enter into agreements with business partners (restaurants and shops etc) for special event purposes such as give away or lucky draw;


3.2 You agree and acknowledge that all special events are subject to certain terms and conditions.





4.1 FBHOME will not engage in any transaction between personal users and business users; which means when a personal user requested a service, all transaction will go directly to the business user (the service provider)


4.2 You understand that FBHOME will not be responsible for any loss resulted from a transaction between users; however, we may conduct an investigation when necessary.





5.1 Business user (service provider) with appropriate Insurance cover & ABN checked, will be granted a verified icon.


5.2 Any loss or damage to your property or injury caused to you during the service will be responsible by the business user (the service provider that provide service to you). 


5.3 There are 2 types of FBHOME business users (service provider) - 1. Individual service person and 2. Service Company.  It is strongly recommended for all users to choose the verified service provider that has insurance covered to minimize your risk.